Evan grew up in the Boston area, making believe and using his imagination like all kids do. He just decided not to shake it as he (air quotes) grew up (end air quotes).

He acted in elementary school; favorite roles include that little kid singing that verse from Day-O and W.E.B. Dubois in Miss Baldwin of Agassiz, yup, he was breaking stereotypes from a young age. Evan performed throughout high school, juggling his academics, sports, and acting. He can also juggle three objects at once as well as, say, abstract concepts. He matriculated to Columbia University where he studied psychology and political science, among other things, and though he did perform in a few plays, academics and competing for a Division I. Track program took most of his time. He may still hold a few records on the sprinting and middle-distance board, but those youngins just keep getting faster (and contrary to his inner voice’s recommendations, “Tonya Harding’ing” someone is never an option to stay on top)!

After college, he attended the WARD Studio in New York City for acting, and studied improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade and the Magnet Theater (under Armando Diaz, Chris Gethard, Zach Woods, Anthony King, Charlie Sanders, James Eason, Louis Kornfeld, and Billy Merritt, among many amazing improvisers). He has performed with numerous indie improv teams and currently can be seen, time to time, with the duo/trio team The B-Sides. He is often recognized from his role as Rod on the acclaimed Web series We Need Girlfriends, which equally often leads to confusion by fans of the series, as contrary to Rod, he is a very nice person.

Evan is an avid nerd at heart (and just in general), he can teach almost any high school subject, and is an avid DIYer (he has built a hidden behind a secret bookshelf door voice-over room and is always amidst many awesome projects). This endless curiosity and love of adventure is what drives him in his approach to every role. It is the curiosity of who the person is, what makes him special, and why he would do the things people have him do in a script that draws Evan to acting and the characters he gets the opportunity to take on. Psychology is about how an individual thinks; Poli-Sci is about how countries or organized bodies relate; acting is yet another perspective from which to think about the human condition.

From 2010-2015, Evan worked with Boston-based Hearthstone Alzheimer Care and London-based Ladder to the Moon on a National Institute on Aging / National Institutes of Health clinical study researching the effects of drama on Alzheimer’s. He co-wrote and performed a series of plays created specifically for individuals with Alzheimer’s, and was a key member of the Creative Team in developing teaching materials relating to The Scripted-IMPROV Drama Program.

Along with acting, Evan writes and produces. He does so possibly because he has too much of that curiosity or too much of an imagination. But then, Einstein didn’t say, “Dullness and inactivity were more important than knowledge.” He also enjoys writing about himself in the third person.