Evan Bass is a consummate theater artist, whose talent encompasses many skills. I first cast him in the role of a young man who had long ago lost the power of speech after a childhood trauma. Evan created a character who spoke a visual language that was as profound and sensitive as if he had spoken, never resorting to exaggeration or mockery. Evan’s physical prowess and daring impressed the cast in rehearsal and astonished the audience at each performance. Later I cast him in another play, portraying a young Frenchman touring America with his famous actress sister in 1855. His French accent was as impeccable as his entire performance. Evan supports his talent with professionalism and a strong work ethic.

I recently was in the audience as we enjoyed seeing Evan’s work as a playwright. He continues to explore his abilities and take risks. I look forward to whatever the future holds for him in the theater and hope that we will work together once again.

Barbara Kahn, playwright/director

Barbara Kahn, playwright/director

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